We are Something Nerdy Studios LLC — a video game development company focusing on retro games. Our first project, Former Dawn, is a Science Fiction Action RPG targeting the NES and PC.

Jared Hoag is the Founder and CEO of Something Nerdy Studios.  Part mathematician, part
software engineer, all video game nerd, he seeks nothing less than to prove that the NES is
a viable platform for large, modern, rich video games.  In particular, he believes that RPGs of
the caliber of Chrono Trigger and Terranigma are not only possible on the system, but 
Dominic Muller is the Co-founder and CTO of SNS.  He is the man behind the curtain, patiently
infusing digital sorcery into every line of code he writes for the company.  Nick's mind is a virtual
machine in which the NES runs with perfect fidelity.  Like Jared, he also believes that there is vast
untapped potential just waiting to be realized in the days ahead.

Former Dawn Team Members

Hali Hoag (@Aitchess55) — Lead Concept Artist and Pixel Artist, focusing on character portraits and base character sprites.

Ellen Larsson (@FrankenGraphics) — Pixel Art Animator focusing on character sprite animations.

Ryan Klesmit — General Advisor, Pixel Artist, Pixel Art Animator, and Designer focusing on creatures and NPCs.

Paul Molloy (@InfiniteNesLives) — Hardware Engineer focusing on NES cartridge design and manufacturing.

Joey Provencio (@yoeynsf) — Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist, and Pixel Artist focusing on storyboards.

JosuĂ© Oliveira (@trirosmos) — Electrical Engineer focusing on expansion audio hardware and firmware.

Angus Heydon-Corrie (@gushyctv) — Musician focusing on proof of concepts for enhanced 2A03 audio subsystem.

…and of course…

Jared Hoag (@aquishix) — Creator, Lead Writer, Designer, Programmer, Coordinator, and Researcher focusing on entirely too many things.

Dominic Muller (@domgetter) — Lead Programmer, Researcher, and Designer focusing on entirely too many things as well.